I have never been a connoisseur of whisky (I have had it with coke or in a dom pedro, that’s about it!), so I was very eager to try whisky tasting courtesy of Valpre at the recent Whisky Live festival held at Sandton Convention Centre.

Whisky Tasting
Whisky Tasting

A sommelier took us through a tasting of three different whiskies and explained what to look at and smell while you swish and swirl your whisky around in the glass. We took a sip of it neat and then diluted it with some Valpre spring water to open up the flavours. I liked the flavours of bourbon and vanilla of the first whisky,  one of the whiskies had a very strong peat smell and flavour which was quite overpowering – definitely an acquired taste!

Overall – an interesting introduction into the world of whisky!




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