There was speculation in recent days of Trevor Noah being the front runner to take over The Daily Show. When the following post showed up on my facebook page I was stoked that he confirmed that he will in fact be hosting one of my favourite shows!

No-one can replace Jon Stewart. But together with the amazing team at The Daily Show, we will continue to make this the best damn news show!

Trevor Noah to Succeed Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’

He is hugely popular here in South Africa, I have been to some of his live shows here in Johannesburg and I love his humour.  In recent years, he has really made a name for himself performing stand-up comedy to sold out-shows all over the globe. On our trip to the US in 2013, we saw a poster for one of his shows coming out of a subway station and we were filled with pride!

Trevor Noah Poster


I have been a huge fan of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, so much so that one whole day of my New York trip was dedicated to getting into the studio to see him LIVE. You go online to his website to apply to get a ticket but its not guaranteed, you then need to get yourself to the studio, get a number and stand in line. It was nerve wrecking but Hubster and I were literally the last people that got in! They closed the doors and sent the rest of the line home! Bonus: Robert Downey Jr was the guest! Jon Stewart was awesome, doing the entire show in one take – he was witty and charming.  Aaah…good memories

Jon Stewart Daily Show


Anyway, Trevor made his first appearance on the Daily Show in December 2014 as a newly appointed news correspondent of “The best F#&%ing News Team Ever!”. He  has hosted a TV chat show in SA previously…but he looked very nervous on the set! He was funny, but he just seemed so …scripted. After just 2 more appearances it is quite shocking that he hooked this job, especially since the other news correspondents are absolutely brilliant. (I mean how cool is John Oliver, am I right???)

My emotions right now:

Although I am devastated that The Colbert Report is no more, and now the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I am so full of pride and excitement that our local boi has made it in the US! Time will tell if he has got what it takes but I know that he is talented and will make us all proud.

What do you guys think of Trevor Noah taking over the Daily Show? Leave a comment below..


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