Selcuk –  Denizli (Pamukkale)-Goreme

We were going to take a train from Selcuk to Pamukkale but decided against it because there would be too many stops on the way and the trains would be full -increasing the chances that we would be standing for the full duration of the trip, so we opted for the Metro Turizm bus.

We arrived in Pamukkale in the later part of the morning , we left our bags at the Metro Turizm offices where they dropped us off (we took an overnight bus with them later that evening to Goreme). They gave us a map, and after having a quick bite we made our way to Pamukkale.

I knew from research that it was not going to be like the pics on the internet, but let me warn you – It was disappointing to say the least. See my Tripadvisor review below:

I would have skipped it were it not a convenient stop in between Ephesus and Cappadoccia.

We got on our overnight bus with Metro Turizm to Goreme that evening at 9pm. It was as comfortable as one can be on an overnight bus. They are a reputable company and we didn’t have a problem using them throughout our trip in Turkey.

Next post….the highlight of my Turkey trip: Cappadocia!

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