Deserved wins all round, especially for “12 YEARS A SLAVE” as best picture. Some really disturbing visuals at times but it seems that’s what Steve McQueen does best, as I was first introduced to his talent in the movie “SHAME”. Lupita was absolutely riveting in her role! “DALLAS BUYERS CLUB” was based on a true story and the acting by both McConaughey an Leto was superb – I just felt that the movie plodded along, I think I fell asleep towards the end. “HER” was weird, and now that I recently purchased an iPhone with “Siri” – I totally get it – and it’s even more creepy!! I enjoyed “BLUE JASMINE”, it really showed off Cate Blanchett’s acting calibre in her portrayal of the main character. “GRAVITY” was a cool movie, it was thin on storyline but I guess that was not the main draw but rather the amazing visuals. I was really surprised that “AMERICAN HUSTLE” came out empty handed – I thoroughly enjoyed that movie – I love Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper!

Anyway how cool was that selfie from the Oscar’s!!

….and then the other infamous Oscar – the trial got underway in SA today. There is a dedicated news channel streaming live footage as the story unfolds in the courtroom as well as interviews and documentaries on the high-profile case. Day 1 saw a neighbour testify that she heard a woman screaming a “blood-curdling” scream followed by shouting from a man followed by four shots. Oscar Pistorius has pleaded not guilty to all charges brought against him including murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp as well as possession and discharging of a firearm. It is an interesting case and one that will be closely followed globally!

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