My thoughts on travel

You know what I hate?

When people post their suggested itinerary to a particular place/country on a travel forum and they are crucified for trying to fit in too much (according to other people).

Granted there are some things that may be impossible to do in terms of logistics – but it really grinds me when people say that you are not really travelling unless you spend weeks or even months in any one area. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of an unlimited budget or days off work to do that.

My travels usually last 2-3 weeks per year and I go in with the mentality that we may never have a chance to go back again so we need to decide what would be the major places to visit. We move at a fast pace but we are young, fit (well sort of!) and get bored if we stay too long in one place. I don’t regret this approach whatsoever, it actually makes for quite the adventure!

Everyone has different travel styles. Some people prefer an island getaway to laze on the beach whilst others like the hustle and bustle of a city. Some like history and monuments, others landscapes and natural beauty and for other’s main shopping is a highlight.

If you going with someone that has a different style than you, it can become a problem to compromise and fit in everything to suit other’s tastes. That happened to me when I traveled to London with my brother. He is more a laid back kinda guy, falling asleep on the ferry, wanting to sit for hours drinking his beer in a pub – and I was up early every morning with a plan to be on my feet the whole day checking out the major sites. There is nothing wrong with either style, but it’s good to travel with someone with the same interests and energy levels as you. Thankfully hubster is like me 🙂

While for most a honeymoon is relaxing in luxury – our honeymoon was not having a shower for two days as we had to catch an overnight flight to Dubai the same day that we arrived in Paris from an overnight train ride from Rome. It was sitting and eating pizza on the pavement in Florence to avoid the surcharge of sit-down meals in the restaurants. It was lugging our suitcases around in peak hour traffic, taking public transport, trying to find our way using maps in a foreign language. It was crazy, tiring but absolutely fun! 🙂

Travel means different things for different people – for some it’s getting away from the daily grind and relaxing, for others its immersing themselves for months in another culture and place – learning the language and making friends, for other’s its the seeing important sites and monuments and delving to the history of the place and it’s people.

Travel doesn’t have to be abroad to another country, but is also about exploring your very own. Travel is about broadening your mind, taking in the sights, sounds and experiences of the unfamiliar and having an appreciation of the diverse world around you.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius


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