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A snippet about me…
I am Saiyuri – a 29 year old South African living in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. Married for almost 5 years to my awesome hubster who shares my wanderlust and passion for good food, movies and tv!

If you would like to get to in touch with me, please drop me a mail at saiyuri@snippetstation.com.

and what my blog is about…

I absolutely love to travel, in my beautiful country and abroad. I think I got the travel bug from my parents who worked hard so that we could enjoy family vacations in the Far East, India, USA and Mauritius as we were growing up. They are still quite the jetsetters even now, a year away from their retirement!

I am so grateful and lucky to have seen and experienced different sites, cultures and religions over the years. In spite of the rand always battling against the dollar and limited annual leave – I have managed to see the UK, Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Dubai, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, Greece, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. I will be sharing advice, my experiences, itineraries and photos of these places on this blog.

Whilst abroad or here in Johannesburg, I love to try out new cuisine and restaurants. I also indulge a little more often than I should in desserts, chocolate, cocktails and wine 🙂

I enjoy going to different events in and around Johannesburg, from exhibitions and expos to theatre, concerts and festivals.

In summary

I have created this space to share little review snippets of my experiences and opinions of different places, restaurants and events that you will hopefully find helpful and interesting! Cool!!! Let’s begin!!!!



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